MMA Strength & Conditioning w/ UFC Fighter Jeremy Stephens

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  • MMA Training- Strength and Conditioning with UFC Fighter Jeremy Stephens

MMA Strength & Conditioning w/ UFC Fighter Jeremy Stephens

Here is a video of me running Jeremy Stephens through a Strength and Conditioning workout in preparation for his UFC on FX 5 bout with Yves Edward on October 5th. He's been a workhorse over [...]

  • MMA Strength and Conditining Training with Bryce Shepard Mejia

MMA Strength and Conditining Training

Here's the latest functional MMA training workout. It's been a major process getting the man to unwire the dysfunctions that have brought about an almost exclusive use of the frontal and sagittal plane in his [...]

  • MMA Core Workout with Delvon Garrett

Functional MMA Core Workout with Delvon Garrett

Here is a video of me covering some important techniques to help improve Delvon Garrett's functionality for Mixed Martial Arts. Rotational movements are by far the most important of all types of movements you can [...]

  • Functional Ab Workout Routine 1

Functional Ab Workout Routine

Happy hump day to all!!! Here'a blogpost I made in response to my last "Dogma of the Week" providing an alternative to the damaging traditional "ab exercises" that many people do on a regular basis. [...]

  • UFC Training with Jeremy Stephens - The snap to a punch

UFC Workout with Jeremy Stephens – How to Punch Better

Here's an MMA training video of me covering the functional training application of proper punching biomechanics with UFC fighter Jeremy Stephens. It's been a learning process trying to apply it all, but the picture seems [...]

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  • Advanced Dumbell Workout Routine

Advanced Dumbbell Workout Routine

Good morning!!! Here is an Advanced dumbbell workout for your Tuesday morning. Like a few of the other pieces of equipment I have in my gym, the Dumbbell has been a definite keeper in my [...]

  • Basic Biomechanics Training  for MMA with UFC fighter Reuben Duran

Basic Biomechanics Training for MMA w/ UFC fighter Reuben Duran

Here is a video of me giving UFC fighter Reuben Duran the breakdown of how an effective biomechanical structure should operate. Like many other fighters I have worked with, pain and injury seem to be [...]

  • DOW Spin Classes

The Dogma of the Week: Are spin classes bad for you?

Hello everyone and welcome to the latest instillation of the Dogma of the Week. The topic I have decided to talk about today will be covering Spin Class. Spin classes happen to be one of [...]

  • Delvon Garrett MMA Training Workout July 22nd

Functional MMA Training Workout with Delvon Garrett

Here's a video of me taking MMA fighter Delvon Garrett through a Functional MMA Training workout. We have been having to work around a torn LCL and PCL for the last few months, but it [...]

  • 256551_10151028434594362_98972502_o

Functional Patterns Functional Training Seminars

Want to learn the Functional Patterns Training methodology? Here is your chance to learn the most cutting edge functional training techniques from the creator himself, Holistic Movement Practitioner, Naudi Aguilar. In these courses, Naudi Aguilar [...]

  • Advanced Bosu Ball Workout Routine

Advanced Bosu Ball Workout Routine

Here is a video of me showing you some advanced Bosu Ball exercises. There are very few pieces of equipment out there that can test your proprioceptive nervous system quite like the Bosu Ball, specifically [...]

  • Dogma of the Week - What is Functional Training

The Dogma of the Week – What is Functional Training?

Hello to all and welcome to my first “Dogma of the Week” blogpost. I will be putting these posts up indefinitely until I have fully expressed the perspective on how I view the fitness/wellness industry [...]

  • MMA Training workout with Delvon Garret July 6th

MMA Training Workout with Delvon Garrett July 6th

Here is a video of me working an MMA training session with Delvon Garrett. We are about 4 months out from LCL and PCL surgery and his body seems to be on the mend. We [...]

  • Posture Exercises

Posture Exercises – How to do an effective Prone Cobra

One of the biggest dilemmas I have had as a personal trainer throughout my career is knowing how to implement a genuinely biomechanically effective posture. When I first started as a trainer, I was always [...]

  • Functional Training for track with Kai

Functional Training Exercises for Track with Kai

Here is a video of working with one of the interns in my facility in San Diego. Kai has been improving in everything with her body at an exponential pace. When we first started training, [...]

  • Dean Lister MMA Training workout June 29th

MMA Training Workout with Dean Lister June 29th

Here is a video of me running an MMA training Workout with MMA veteran and grappling legend, Dean Lister. In this video we get back to the basics of bringing his "human foundations" back in [...]

  • Corrective exercise with Jose

Cabo Seminar: Integrated Corrective Exercises with Jose

Had an awesome time in Cabo San Lucas running a summer seminar with the Authentic Human staff. There were people that came from all over the world to come and learn how to live a [...]

  • MMA training workout with Mike Gentile

MMA training workout with Mike Gentile

Here is a video of me running Mike Gentile through some functional MMA training. Since we started last year, my knowledge on functional fitness has grown exponentially, yet I feel there is still so much [...]

  • Functional Core Training Workouts- Cablebar Transverse Chop

Cable Bar Transverse Chop -Functional Core Training

Here is a functional core training video of me taking you through a transverse chop with the Cablebar. As I have mentioned several times before, the transverse plane of motion is easily the most important [...]

  • Training the Gait Cycle with Tony

Personal Training- Teaching Tony Effective Gait Pattern

In all of the years I have been in the fitness industry, I am yet to find anything out there that critically breaks down the principles of an effective gait pattern. Over the last 3 [...]

  • MMA Workout- Boxing Training with MMA Fighter Delvon Garrett

Training Boxing Mechanics with MMA Figther Delvon Garrett

Here's a video of me running a personal training session with MMA fighter Delvon Garret, our focus today being the improvement of his boxing mechanics. I have been finding that if you truly want to [...]