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TRX Functional Training Workout with Julie (Video)

Here is a TRX suspension personal training session I did with Julie at my gym in San Diego, CA. Although suspension training is not always my go to when it comes to my functional training [...]

3 MMA training cable machine exercises (Video)

Here are a few exercises I regularly use in my personal training and MMA training regimens. I use my Keiser Functional Trainer in this video for this circuit training workout, but these exercises can also [...]

Dean Lister MMA Training March 10th 2012 (Video)

Here's another video of me taking "the boogey many" Dean Lister through an MMA training session. Once again, the main them out of our personal training is the implementation of the transverse plane. Enjoy :) [...]

Functional MMA Training and Focus Mitt Work with Dean Lister

Here's a video of me covering some Functional Training and Boxing focus mitt work with Dean Lister. This is all still a work in progress, but I can see that Dean is starting to understand [...]

Improving running technique with Chris

Here is a video of a personal training session focused on trunk rotation, for the improvement of running biomechanics. The primary focus with Chris in our personal training regimen has been to develop core strength [...]

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MMA Training Workout with UFC fighter Jeremy Stephens Feb 29th (Video)

Here is the latest Functional MMA Training workout I had with Jeremy Stephens. Although his movements still need some work, I am beginning to see his body adapt to the biomechanical adjustments we are making. [...]

Functional Training for MMA with Dean Lister. February 23rd

One of the elements of movement I am yet to see in any functional training regimen, since I have been a personal trainer, is the proper use of the transverse plane. In all honesty, I [...]

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Intermediate Functional Training Session with Julie

Here is a video of be taking Julie through a Personal Training session at my gym in San Diego, CA. We have had to combat a few imbalances inhibiting our functional training regimen, but have [...]

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Advanced Functional Training in San Diego With Theo

Here's a video of a personal training session I had at my gym in San Diego with Theo Simon. Theo happens to be one of the most advanced students I have had in my career [...]

3 Intermediate Kettlebell Training Exercises

Kettlebells have fast become one the preferred exercise tools for my personal training. Although I wasn't the biggest fan of them on first impression, they slowly inched their way into my personal training arsenal. As [...]

Boxing workout session with Teri (Video)

There's nothing that really challenges the proprioception sytem quite like the martial arts. The power, grace, agility, balance and coordination needed to do them has many benefits that apply to everyday living. Martial arts, like [...]

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Lumbo Pelvic Hip Exercises with Vasily in San Diego, CA

Here's a video of me getting a new client oriented into my method in San Diego, CA. In this video I implement my "secrets" of how to correct lower back pain. I will be putting [...]

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Bosu Ball Exercises: How to Balance on a Bosu Ball

In terms of developing a strong center of gravity, the Bosu Ball might be the best tool to progress to for any functional training regimen. There are very few tools that force you to get [...]

Functional Training to improve running with Chris (Video)

Running is one of the most natural movement patterns a human can do, yet it is one of the most injury prone forms of physical exercise. The mechanical rewards of becoming a great runner transition [...]

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3 exercises with the TRX suspension trainer

Ever since I mounted the TRX in my gym, I must say as of late it's been one of my preferred tools for my personal training regimens. If used correctly, the TRX can be highly [...]

Basic Functional Training with UFC fighter Jeremy Stephens

Since I have been in San Diego as a personal trainer, time after time again I have learned the importance of re-developing basic fundamental mechanics. I have found that addressing mechanical flaws only in the [...]

3 Advanced Bosu Ball Exercises

The Bosu has been one of the most commonly used fitness tools I have used since being a personal trainer in San Diego. When I was first introduced to it, I was pretty skeptical about [...]

Is your “functional training” still stuck in the 2nd dimension?

It is of utmost importance to master each individual plane of motion for the improvement of your bodies functional capabilities, however, the randomness of life does not permit the mastery of just one plane of [...]

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Basic Core Exercise: How to do “The Plank”

With all this talk about planking lately, I figured I might as well make a blog post on how to do it correctly ;) The plank is maybe the best core exercise that I know [...]

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MMA Training Exercise: How to do the Donkey Kong

The Donkey Kong is a functional training exercise for the more advanced fitness enthusiast. When I do get a client or athlete to a high level, this definitely becomes a go to in my book [...]

Mike Gentile MMA training workout August 22nd

Due to the nature of life, training and fighting had to get postponed for a little bit, however, we are back on track and ready to get this train rolling. I'm fired up and Mr. [...]

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