Are you interested in a Functional Fitness Dvd package that will impact your current fitness program? Functional Patterns has what you’re looking for. Their programs are designed to take your current fitness regimen to the next level, providing results like no other program could.


Take a look at Functional Patterns’ Human Foundations Fitness DVD Bundle, a 5 video package at a great price. This is the entire Human Foundations bundle available at a discounted rate that will get you the results you’re looking for. The Human Foundations Video Series covers the fundamental building blocks for:


– Preventing and addressing pain. Most pain and injury can be traced back to a single sector of the body’ compensating structurally. This video will help you get at the structural root, eliminating compensatory patterns that bring about pain and injury.


– Maximizing athletic performance. Focusing on kinetic integration will be at the foundation of learning to improve your performance, by delivering more kinetic energy in every movement.


– Dropping body fat, Master the techniques offered in this series to provide your body with a much higher capability to adapt to stress and learn to metabolize body fat.


– Increasing energy. You’ll learn to balance your body so that it will be able to regain its essential rhythm, promoting the demand for energy at the time when you need it most. A neurologically imbalanced body will result in an overly taxed system that is inefficient in producing energy.


– Better sleep. The functional fitness DVD system will show you how to master your body’s systems to decrease stress at its root, so that the body will return to balance at bed time, creating an effective sleep cycle for optimum rest.


– Flexibility. You’ll use the fundamental building blocks of reciprocal inhibition to set up a functionally flexible body that serves you instead of hinders you.


– Libido. Implementing proper technique that deal with stress will bring about an improvement of sexual drive through a new ability to functionally address stress.


– Strength and muscle. You’ll learn how to increase muscle mass as well as better involve the entire kinetic chain through proper movement to being about a more functional muscular development to the body. 


The Functional Patterns Human Foundations Fitness DVD Bundle includes:


– 1. How to Correct Shoulder/ Rotator Cuff Imbalance (34 minutes)

– 2. How to Breathe, Manage Stress, and Correct Posture with Naudi Aguilar (31 minutes)

– 3. How to Correct Knee Imbalance (48 minutes)

– 4. How to Correct Lower Back and Hip Dysfunction (37 minutes)

– 5. The Fundamentals of Efficient Gait (71 minutes)


The Human Foundations Functional Fitness DVD set is completely downloadable. This means you do not need physical products to perform the movements. You will get instant access to download the program onto your computer or tablet as soon as you place your order. The format for the video files is MP4, which can be viewed on Mac, PC or Tablet.


If you’d like to take a closer look at the Human Foundations Functional Fitness DVD Seres, visit online at, or email