Functional Patterns offers a full range of Functional Fitness Programs designed to help their clients manage physical pain, drop body fat and build muscle, maintain an exercise regimen, manage stress, improve energy, prevent disease and move more efficiently. If you want to get in shape but are tired of the same old fitness programs out there, you’re going to love Functional Patterns.


Sustaining a healthy body fat is a high priority for those who want a healthy body. Our current culture is seemingly obsessed with reducing body fat, and it’s no wonder- high body fat has reached epidemic proportions. This epidemic has laid the foundation of an industry geared toward helping consumers get in shape, but most of these programs fall short when it comes to results. Functional Patterns gets to the root of what is creating the body’s mechanisms holding on to body fat, through functional fitness programs that get results.


The functional fitness programs from Functional Patterns train the body to operate as a system that does not have the need to stop fat. Like so many others who are using the Functional Patterns program to lose weight, you can implement their body fat reduction system and drop the body fat you need to, and maintain it for life!


The functional fitness programs from Functional Patterns have a foundation rooted in science, so all of the guess work has been taken out of the equation. The reason so many other athletic performance systems fail is because most strength and conditioning programs are at the root of making any existing biomechanics technique worse. They simply fail to take into account what is mechanically efficient and inefficient.


A trainer who does know what is technically correct or incorrect will most likely progress an athlete into an exercise too soon, destroying or damaging their ability to achieve efficient performance. Functional Patterns has found that most training systems do not account for the three planes of motion found in nearly all athletics. This is a foundational flaw that will keep most athletes from achieving their full potential. The Functional Patterns fitness programs use an approach that is more concerned with involving the exact dynamics that are intrinsically wired into the nervous systems of world champions.


If you’re searching for the most progressive and comprehensive approach available in the athletic performance industry today, Functional Patterns is for you. Their perspective is that the training itself must consist of the precise biomechanics found in sports in order to obtain positive application that will impact a training regimen.


Functional Patterns’ fitness programs include elements such as functional dynamic muscle elasticity, inner unit core function, transverse plane movement, multi-plane ballistic movement, horizontal polymeric training and much more. 


Whether you’re an athlete looking to get into the best possible physical condition or want to run a marathon, the Functional Patterns Athletic Performance training system will get you on the fast track quickly and efficiently.


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