For athletes looking for Functional Training Courses that really get results, Functional Patterns offers a comprehensive range of products designed to address prime areas of fitness that other programs fail to take into account. You know it’s all about results- and Functional Patterns can deliver in the key areas you expect from a functional training system.


At Functional Patterns, training courses are rooted in science. We recommend that you begin your functional training courses with The Power of Posture book and the Human Foundations Video series, both introductory tools that will give you a great start in your training. The Power of Posture book is a guide that is designed to help you manage pain and prove your functional movement. 


As an accompaniment to The Power of Posture, The Human Foundations DVD bundle provides exceptional insight, understanding and training into learning how to prevent and address pain, maximize athletic performance and drop body fat. You’ll sleep better, increase your energy levels, improve flexibility, increase your libido, and build strength and muscle. The Human Foundations DVD bundle is one of the functional training courses available at Functional Patterns, and is offered at a discounted rate. It covers the fundamental building blocks for:


– Preventing and addressing pain

– Maximizing athletic performance

– Dropping body fat

– Increasing energy

– Sleeping better

– Improving flexibility

– Increasing libido

– Building strength and muscle

– Move efficiently

– Prevent disease


The Human Foundations functional training courses are entirely downloadable. You will not have to wait for DVDs to arrive the mail to begin using the material as it is able to be downloaded instantly on your Mac, PC or tablet.


For athletes who want to get in better shape without all the muscle tightness, joint pain and injuries that traditional fitness programs are so often noted for, FP’s Functional Training System courses are available. In this official video training system, the founder of Functional Patterns, Naudi Aguilar, has put together a collection that ranges from the most basic exercises to the most advanced. The series covers every step necessary to get you in the best shape of your life, and ensures that you will stay there.


Are you interested in learning Functional Patterns Training methodologies from the founder himself? FP will be setting up a schedule for a variety of different seminars for this coming spring. To get early-bird deals for upcoming seminars, email


Functional Patterns also provides functional MMA Training courses that cater to those interested in building the foundations necessary for better athletics in Mixed Martial Arts. The Functional Patterns methodology will unlock your ability to master the foundations that will allow you to become a more technically sound and physically adaptable fighter. You’ll benefit from MMA training whether you seek to compete in the arena or not, as it is also exceptional for developing the strength and coordination necessary to meet challenges of daily life.


To find out more about Functional Pattern’s training courses, please go online to If you have questions, feel free to email