If you are looking for a functional fitness program that will get you the results you want, take a closer look at Functional Patterns. FP will help you discover your natural capacity for efficient movement- and in surpassing it. 


Get started with the Power of Posture Book that will change the way you think. This is a guide to help you manage pain and improve your functional movement. If you’re in pain and are uncertain on how to manage it, your posture is the first thing you should check. As humans, our posture is quite possibly the most underrated yet most influential aspect of health and pain management. If we expect to live pain free, posture must be the foundation of our efficiency.


Consider the human body as a completely interdependent system, so that if even a small part of it is misaligned, the likelihood of something at another point giving out is almost inevitable. Good posture is not just about managing pain, it is foremost about achieving the highest level of function in movement. Most training systems are doomed to fail because they are set up on a foundation based around human biological sustainability. Systems that are flawed at their foundation cannot succeed or provide lasting results. 


The human body’s ability to stand efficiently in an upright manner is the ultimate foundation for a functional fitness program, and the roots of Functional Patterns. If you expect to life pain free, perform optimally, maintain your metabolism, exude confidence, manage stress, elevate libido, and live a healthy life, proper posture must be addressed.


The Power of Posture Book is a great read for anyone interested in getting started in a functional fitness program where they will really see results. The book was written for the purpose of explaining the Functional Patterns training system, which is oriented around posture, so that anyone can master the foundations of efficient movement. The techniques explained in The Power of Posture can be used anyplace, without the need of a ‘specialist’ to manually work on you. The Power of Posture has helped thousands of people address the root cause of their pain and dysfunctions. 


You can preview The Power of Posture online at functionalpatterns.com, where you’ll have the option to purchase at a great price.


Functional Patterns offers an MMA fitness program that caters to building the foundations necessary for better athletics in MMA. If you’re training toward being a world class champion, you must embody the traits of functionality within the bio-mechanical structure of your movements. The Functional Patterns MMA fitness program’s methodology will unlock your ability to master the necessary foundations to become a more technically sound and physically adaptable fighter.


If you’d like to learn more about Functional Patterns or have a question about one of their functional fitness program products, feel free to visit online and make a connection, or email 

functionalpatterns@yahoo.com. We have a feeling you’ll like what you see and be eager to get started with the Functional Patterns programs.


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