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Functional Patterns Human Foundations Certification Courses

Learn the basic applications to the Functional Patterns training system with our 1 week certification courses!

This course will be oriented around the practical application of conditioning humans towards efficiency from a foundation. There are many systems out there who claim to structurally integrate a human body, however they all tend to focus on the theoretical notions of functional training, not the application. Although understanding theory is crucial for developing an ethos that will guide one in a direction of efficiency, focusing solely on this will hinder the progress a human will need to orient efficiency in real time situations. In these 1 week courses, you will learn what every other training system is missing: an influential system of training that actually changes the dynamics of human movement towards efficiency.

In these courses we cover:

– The objective tools to assess dysfunction on every human body
– The understanding of theory to address most human imbalance
– The proper application of Myofascial Release
– Understanding and applying a structurally integrated posture
– Advanced corrective exercise
– The foundations of base human movements
– How to integrate this into a client/trainer’s program design

Daily Schedule:

9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Specific dates and locations will be revealed soon. Naudi Aguilar will be traveling worldwide so he might be somewhere near you. Stay tuned!

FOR MORE INFORMATION, E-MAIL: training@functionalpatterns.com