Multi-plane Ballistic Movement 2017-01-18T20:25:24+00:00

Over the years of studying the maximization of Propioception (body’s automatic sense of movement), I have come to realize that the majority of exercise regimens only go so far, when real-time physical stimulus is placed upon the body. After re-alignment techniques were taught to me, I began utilizing textbook exercises that targeted one plane of motion at a time. They were great at the moment for the purpose of setting a solid foundation to build around, but then I didn’t know where to go after that. If I didn’t want to have to add more weight to an exercise, then what do I do? It was here that I began tinkering (consciously and unconsciously) with the dynamics of putting planes of motion together, and momentum and rhythm coming along for the ride. I began figuring out that athletes, like offensive linemen in American Football, move loads while in motion, while having to be graceful, all at the same time. I was seeing this pattern in all athletics, and it was becoming obvious to me that what I learned from books wasn’t going far enough. Athletes have to be agile and graceful, while having to be centered and powerful, all at the same time. If the athlete loses footing, in conjunction to the rest of his body, he will have no force output in anything he does. The stronger the he is in this realm, the less compensation happening within real-time, the better the performance. This also applies in the aspect of getting injured while training. If bad compensation occurs because of a poor center of gravity during movement, the joints take the load because there’s no one else to take it for them.

My system of Multi-plane Ballistic Movement takes the elements of real-time agility, resistance and flow and puts it all into one. Mastery of this is crucial if you expect to increase your physical performance and have sustenance within your training regimen. Without grace your stuck!