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The majority of all strength training and athletic performance systems in the industry have failed to account for several aspects found in sports. In fact, most “strength and conditioning” programs are at the root of making biomechanical technique worse. This is due to their inability to understand what is mechanically efficient from inefficient. If the practitioner themselves does not know what is technically right from wrong, it is likely they will progress an athlete into an exercise too soon, hence ruining the athletes’ ability to achieve efficient performance in their specific sport. For example, current training systems also do not account for the 3 planes of motion found in nearly all athletics. This is a foundational flaw that is found in all training systems available in today’s athletic training and sports performance regimens. If a body is moving in 3 dimensions when playing a sport, training it in 2 dimensions will only hinder the body’s performance in the long term. This and many other reasons is the main reason why most training systems involved with training athletes can only go so far. The Functional Patterns approach is one more concerned with involving the exact dynamics that are intrinsically wired into the nervous systems of world champions.

The Functional Patterns approach to athletic performance is maybe the most progressive and comprehensive available in the athletic performance industry today. Our perspective is that the training itself must consist of the exact biomechanical phenomenons found in sports if one expects to get positive applications to reality with their training regimen. Elements such as functional dynamic muscle elasticity, inner unit core function, transverse plane movement, multi-plane ballistic movement, horizontal plyometric training are just a few of the elements found in the Functional Patterns training system.

Whether you are looking to get to the highest levels as a professional athlete or wanting to run a marathon, the Functional Patterns Athletic Performance training system will get you on the fast track to success.

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