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Lindsay Barajas is a “practice what you preach” type of person dedicated to her fitness craft. She was a collegiate track athlete at San Diego State University as well as an Ironman competitor. During this time training in these sports, it enabled Lindsay to develop a range of movement intuition that would invariably help her on her quest going towards the fitness industry. Shortly after graduating from SDSU, Lindsay found Functional Patterns and began working on some imbalances that were present on her body. She was suffering from some lower back problems along with problems in the neck and shoulder. Over the course of the next few weeks of addressing those issues entirely, Lindsay decided that this was a route she wanted to pursue as a career. Since this point, Lindsay has been working with clients individually, getting them to their fitness goals via the use of the Functional Patterns training method. Her perfectionist mindset has been well suited for the Functional Patterns training method and we are absolutely proud to have her as a representative for this company.

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