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During my service in the military, I chased a career in search for a potential path and experience in life. With my attempt to question or make suggestions for work input often meet a blank wall, I realized that this disorienting environment might not be worth my health and sanity to strive for after all. I sought a part time billet as a personal trainer with the short knowledge that I have about the human body. As a trainer, I struggled to find answers on the root cause of each client’s physical problems; nevertheless, I have issues of my own that I neglect to address; knee, neck and shoulder discomfort that I acquired over the years of “warrior” pushups, pull-ups, weighted sprints, sit ups, etc. My journey in the health and fitness industry has been a cyclical up and down process of misleading methods. Short after my PT certification, I find myself lost and stuck in the traditional “pain is acceptable” society and with people walking around sick, I established a fear of working out. I began to experiment on new techniques to address my imbalance but with the little knowledge that I have, I desired for more, so I embarked on a quest for a legitimate chance towards achieving a sustainable lifestyle.

In my own observation, the fitness industry has taken the course of disconnect to train humans by burying the weak for profit and self-validation. For what purpose will this benefit us as a human species? My mission as a student of science is to expose fitness ideas and impose grounds for fitness revolution. There are no secrets in sustaining balance of the human body, only questions to how we can address one goal towards survival.