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Train with the founder of Functional Patterns!

Naudi’s commitment to his craft has made him one of the most sought after people in the field of fitness. His unorthodox approach to training has led him on a journey towards understanding the implications of what is wrong with people and society as a whole. His approach to training is not the typical one found in the industry. While most are concerned with muscles and physical breakdown, Naudi’s approach is more looking at the behaviors creating deficiencies in the body. Every pain, extra pound of weight, poor sex drive, low energy, etc… can be rooted back to a deficient behavior on a cognitive and physical level. Naudi’s mastery is finding that deficiency at it’s physical root, and putting you on a program to address it permanently. The results are nothing shy of spectacular.

“All organisms attempt to adapt to the environment they inhabit. Whether they do or don’t is measured by the tools they are equipped with”.