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Correcting bad posture through the utilization of Structural Integration is maybe the most important yet underutilized type of training in the realm of functional training. The majority of all training systems used by personal trainers run around a methodology set up with no foundations in place. The Neglect of this cannot be underestimated.

Picture training your body similar to building a house. If you expect to make a quality house, you cannot assume that you take a bunch of wood slap it together and that a structure is going to arise that will last for 100 years. A quality home is always going to be set up with a foundation first. You level off the ground, set in the footings, build a platform and then you start building the rest of the house. It’s quite a practical way of building a house, yet when it comes to training a human body it has become something trainers and wellness practitioners avoid like the plague. Much like the house, the human body is a structural system that needs a center of gravity built in. If you do not start by building some type of a foundation, the human body will not perform well. That means if you want to execute something like a squat or a lunge without it not being detrimental to the wellness of the body, u have to get to the root of what makes a biomechanically weak squat in the first place. If you train with a dysfunctional support system, it will only build more dysfunction, hence making the exercising destructive and no longer sustainable.

Structural Integration applies to all training modalities and goals when it comes to training a human body. If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you need to have a strong structural unit. If you want to run faster, you need to have a strong structural unit. If you want to punch harder and faster, you need to have a strong structural unit. If you want to live pain injury free, you need to have a strong structural unit. The list goes on. If a training system does not comprehensively address the structural foundations humans operate from, it will only do damage to the human body and is not worth doing at all.

At Functional Patterns, every technique implemented is intentionally utilized for the sake of improving human movement dynamics and posture. Whether we are implementing advanced forms of Myofascial Release, Corrective Static Stretching or Integrated Corrective Exercise, you can know that the system is geared to helping you accomplish your fitness goals and implementing what is necessary at the core of it all. We also take an aggressive approach to addressing poor posture, so that every time a mechanical adjustment is set in place, we can expect it to hold in place for good.

By comprehensively addressing posture at a foundation, we can secure that we will find sustainability in your fitness training regimen so that you may find yourself exercising pain and injury free for decades to come!