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Sustaining a healthy bodyfat is one of these most important aspects of a healthy body. High bodyfat is an all too common occurrence in our culture and it is becoming an epidemic. This epidemic has spawned an entire industry predicated upon attempting to address this issue, but it is quite evident that so many systems in place are coming up short. At Functional Patterns, we get at the root of what is creating the body’s mechanisms towards wanting to hold on to unnecessary bodyfat.

Most bodyfat problems are usually hormonal deficiencies manifesting themselves in a way that promotes the increase of fat mass. So many systems out there operate solely within the context of hoping nutrition alone can account for the excessive increases of bodyfat. Others attempt to utilize hormonal therapies to address this complicated manner. The problem with both of these methods is that they don’t get at the root patterns creating the problem in the first place. Before the body can produce a hormone linked to fat storage (example: Cortisol), it has to receive a signal from the nervous system first. Nutrition and Hormone therapies do not address this phenomenon, although it might not be at the root of the majority of people’s bodyfat issues.

At Functional Patterns, we train the brain and body to operate as a system that does not need to store bodyfat. If we train the body and brain to understand where balance is, it will be much less likely that it will stimulate the hormones linked to bodyfat gains. By implementing the Functional Patterns bodyfat reduction system, you can drop the bodyfat you need to and maintain it for a lifetime!