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Seminario de Entrenamiento Funcional con Orthos Tenifere

Saludos a todos!!! Estoy haciendo blog para dejarles saber que en el mes de septiembre voy a tener un workshop de entrenamiento funcional en Tenifere, España. Estoy muy entusiasmado al poder compartir la información que [...]

April 30th, 2013|Seminars|0 Comments

3 exercises with the TRX suspension trainer

Ever since I mounted the TRX in my gym, I must say as of late it's been one of my preferred tools for my personal training regimens. If used correctly, the TRX can be highly [...]

Basic Functional Training with UFC fighter Jeremy Stephens

Since I have been in San Diego as a personal trainer, time after time again I have learned the importance of re-developing basic fundamental mechanics. I have found that addressing mechanical flaws only in the [...]

Is your “functional training” still stuck in the 2nd dimension?

It is of utmost importance to master each individual plane of motion for the improvement of your bodies functional capabilities, however, the randomness of life does not permit the mastery of just one plane of [...]

November 13th, 2011|education, Personal Training|6 Comments

MMA Training with Mike Gentile before his professional MMA debut (Video)

On October 22nd, Mike Gentile will be making his first professional MMA appearance at DESERT RAGE X: Battle in Paradise. Mike will be squaring off against Kelvin Gastelum at the 185 lb weight limit. Preparation [...]

October 12th, 2011|MMA Training, Motivation, Strength and Conditioning|2 Comments

MMA Training Exercise: How to do the Donkey Kong

The Donkey Kong is a functional training exercise for the more advanced fitness enthusiast. When I do get a client or athlete to a high level, this definitely becomes a go to in my book [...]

MMA Training Rehab with Myles Jury

I have been working with Myles Jury for the last few months and most of our training has revolved around rehabilitating a torn acl. We have incorporated several Myofascial Release techniques along with corrective exercises [...]

October 2nd, 2011|education, MMA Training, Motivation|1 Comment

Training boxing mechanics with Dean Lister

After about 2 months of isolated and integrated movement structure re-alignment, I have decided to implement applicable mechanics to Dean Lister's boxing. All the functional training we did with his months prior really paid off [...]

MMA Training Exercises Jeremy Stephens

Here's the latest video in Jeremy Stephen's athletic efficiency training. We have still been working some kinks out, but have been very progressive over the last few weeks. Jeremy will be fighting Anthony Pettis on [...]

August 27th, 2011|MMA Training, Motivation, Strength and Conditioning|1 Comment

Mike Gentile MMA training workout August 22nd

Due to the nature of life, training and fighting had to get postponed for a little bit, however, we are back on track and ready to get this train rolling. I'm fired up and Mr. [...]

August 25th, 2011|MMA Training, Motivation, Personal Training|0 Comments

Dean Lister MMA training workouts August 16

For the last few weeks in Dean Lister's MMA functional training regimen, I have been focusing on developing a structural foundation to work from. Before we get into his boxing or any MBM's, its important [...]

August 17th, 2011|MMA Training, Motivation, Strength and Conditioning|0 Comments

Dean Lister MMA training exercises August 7

It's been a process having to correct all the imbalanced movements Dean Lister has developed over the course of his career, but I will say that his functional training regimen is coming together quite smoothly. [...]

Dean Lister MMA workout July 27

A torn Bicep, Subscapularis, Supraspinatus, Labrum, ACL (both of them), as well as many other injuries is what I have to work around with Dean Lister. As a result of so many years of wear [...]

July 29th, 2011|MMA Training, Motivation, Strength and Conditioning|0 Comments

MMA training workout with Jeremy Stephens June 25th

We are about 11 weeks out until Jeremy Stephens and Anthony Pettis clash at UFC 136 in Houston, TX. Been focusing much on technique and body alignment through movement and have had some serious progress. [...]

Boxing and functional training workout with Teri

I have been doing boxing training Teri for the last couple months and I must say she is an incredibly quick learner. Her having a dance background really made for an easy transition. I'm a [...]

July 12th, 2011|MMA Training, Motivation, Personal Training|0 Comments

Jeremy Stephens UFC MMA training week 1

Today was officially the first day of training with Jeremy Stephens. The task? Make the man as graceful as a gazelle, as explosive as dynamite, as durable as a tank, and as strong as an [...]

Mike Gentile MMA training workout week 15

It's been an amazing last few months getting to work with Mike Gentile. Working with the guy has helped me evolve my craft to a point I couldn't have imagined before. Excited for August 21st!!! [...]

Advanced TRX circuit (Video)

In this Video I demonstrate 3 advanced exercises with one of my favorite tools, the TRX suspension system. The TRX suspension system is fantastic for developing Neuro-muscular coordination between your core and upper body. Here [...]

Mike Gentile Advanced MMA training week 12

Been working diligently on leverage while doing movement. I must say I'm starting to feel this guy's strikes land harder and crisper every day we train. His obsessiveness with improving his body dynamics is allowing [...]

June 12th, 2011|MMA Training, Motivation, Strength and Conditioning|0 Comments