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Correcting bad posture through the utilization of Structural Integration is maybe the most important yet underutilized type of training in the realm of functional training. The majority of all training systems used by personal trainers run around a methodology set up with no foundations in place. The Neglect of this cannot be underestimated.

Picture training your body similar to building a house. If you expect to make a quality house, you cannot assume that you take a bunch of wood slap it together and that a structure is going to arise that will last for 100 years. A quality home is always going to be set up with a foundation first. You level off the ground, set in the footings, build a platform and then you start building the rest of the house. It’s quite a practical way of building a house, yet when it comes to training a human body it has become something trainers and wellness practitioners avoid like the plague.

Much like the house, the human body is a structural system that needs a center of gravity built in. If you do not start by building some type of a foundation, the human body will not perform well. That means if you want to execute something like a squat or a lunge without it not being detrimental to the wellness of the body, u have to get to the root of what makes a biomechanically weak squat in the first place. If you train with a dysfunctional support system, it will only build more dysfunction, hence making the exercising destructive and no longer sustainable.

Structural Integration applies to all training modalities and goals when it comes to training a human body. If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you need to have a strong structural unit. If you want to run faster, you need to have a strong structural unit. If you want to punch harder and faster, you need to have a strong structural unit. If you want to live pain injury free, you need to have a strong structural unit. The list goes on. If a training system does not comprehensively address the structural foundations humans operate from, it will only do damage to the human body and is not worth doing at all.

At Functional Patterns, every technique implemented is intentionally utilized for the sake of improving human movement dynamics and posture. Whether we are implementing advanced forms of Myofascial Release, Corrective Static Stretching or Integrated Corrective Exercise, you can know that the system is geared to helping you accomplish your fitness goals and implementing what is necessary at the core of it all. We also take an aggressive approach to addressing poor posture, so that every time a mechanical adjustment is set in place, we can expect it to hold in place for good.

By comprehensively addressing posture at a foundation, we can secure that we will find sustainability in your fitness training regimen so that you may find yourself exercising pain and injury free for decades to come!


Sustaining a healthy bodyfat is one of these most important aspects of a healthy body. High bodyfat is an all too common occurrence in our culture and it is becoming an epidemic. This epidemic has spawned an entire industry predicated upon attempting to address this issue, but it is quite evident that so many systems in place are coming up short. At Functional Patterns, we get at the root of what is creating the body’s mechanisms towards wanting to hold on to unnecessary bodyfat.

Most bodyfat problems are usually hormonal deficiencies manifesting themselves in a way that promotes the increase of fat mass. So many systems out there operate solely within the context of hoping nutrition alone can account for the excessive increases of bodyfat. Others attempt to utilize hormonal therapies to address this complicated manner. The problem with both of these methods is that they don’t get at the root patterns creating the problem in the first place. Before the body can produce a hormone linked to fat storage (example: Cortisol), it has to receive a signal from the nervous system first. Nutrition and Hormone therapies do not address this phenomenon, although it might not be at the root of the majority of people’s bodyfat issues.

At Functional Patterns, we train the brain and body to operate as a system that does not need to store bodyfat. If we train the body and brain to understand where balance is, it will be much less likely that it will stimulate the hormones linked to bodyfat gains. By implementing the Functional Patterns bodyfat reduction system, you can drop the bodyfat you need to and maintain it for a lifetime!

Athletic Performance

The majority of all strength training and athletic performance systems in the industry have failed to account for several aspects found in sports. In fact, most “strength and conditioning” programs are at the root of making biomechanical technique worse. This is due to their inability to understand what is mechanically efficient from inefficient. If the practitioner themselves does not know what is technically right from wrong, it is likely they will progress an athlete into an exercise too soon, hence ruining the athletes’ ability to achieve efficient performance in their specific sport. For example, current training systems also do not account for the 3 planes of motion found in nearly all athletics.

This is a foundational flaw that is found in all training systems available in today’s athletic training and sports performance regimens. If a body is moving in 3 dimensions when playing a sport, training it in 2 dimensions will only hinder the body’s performance in the long term. This and many other reasons is the main reason why most training systems involved with training athletes can only go so far. The Functional Patterns approach is one more concerned with involving the exact dynamics that are intrinsically wired into the nervous systems of world champions.

The Functional Patterns approach to athletic performance is maybe the most progressive and comprehensive available in the athletic performance industry today. Our perspective is that the training itself must consist of the exact biomechanical phenomenons found in sports if one expects to get positive applications to reality with their training regimen. Elements such as functional dynamic muscle elasticity, inner unit core function, transverse plane movement, multi-plane ballistic movement, horizontal plyometric training are just a few of the elements found in the Functional Patterns training system.

Whether you are looking to get to the highest levels as a professional athlete or wanting to run a marathon, the Functional Patterns Athletic Performance training system will get you on the fast track to success.

MMA Training

At Functional Patterns, our MMA Training system is catered to building the foundations necessary for better athletics in MMA. Every world class champion embodies traits of functionality within the bio-mechanical structure of their movements. What the Functional Patterns methodology does is unlock the ability to master the necessary foundations to build a more technically sound and physically adaptable fighter. MMA Training is not just for those who seek to compete in the arena, it is also fantastic for developing the functional strength and coordination found in many of life’s daily challenges.