The Bosu has been one of the most commonly used fitness tools I have used since being a personal trainer in San Diego. When I was first introduced to it, I was pretty skeptical about its practicality. I inevitably gave the Bosu a shot and immediately understood why this piece of equipment was worth learning how to use. In terms of learning balance, agility and explosiveness, the Bosu might be one of the easiest tools to help progress yourself or a client from a plateau. Although I do very advanced exercises for myself and my clients with the Bosu, I would consider it the best exercise tool for transitioning the body towards advanced stability exercise and Multiplane Ballistic Movements. For those of you who e-mail me questions on how to stand and do exercises on a physio-ball, you might want to consider a mastery of the Bosu prior.

Here’s a video of me demonstrating a relatively advanced circuit with the Bosu. Once again, I will remind you that if you are not on your structural alignment regimens I have already put up, to use those techniques before doing any of these workouts. Enjoy!!! :^)