Ever since I mounted the TRX in my gym, I must say as of late it’s been one of my preferred tools for my personal training regimens. If used correctly, the TRX can be highly beneficial for any functional training program.

Here are the 3 exercises I demonstrate:

1.) TRX T-row- This is a relatively basic exercise. Doing this exercise correctly will be determined by how well you can utilize your scapulae and thoracic spine to generate power. If your posture isn’t too great, I would stop immediately and go back to doing the Myofascial Release, Stretches and Corrective exercises I have taught in previous blogposts.

2.) TRX I-row- Same concept applies to the exercise prior. Utilize the power from your scapulae and thoracic to propel the motion. Don’t forget to breath!!!

3.) TRX Plyo-Push/Pull- This exercise is one of the toughest I can think of, when it’s done correctly. It inolves every muscle in your upper body and core through the entire range of motion. It is absolutely essential that you master a posterior tilt(if you have an anterior tilt), before trying an exercise like this. I give a definite warning to not use this exercise if you are at a lower fitness level. Dynamic movements can be beneficial, but if they’re done without proper alignment, they will hurt you.