Kettlebells have fast become one the preferred exercise tools for my personal training. Although I wasn’t the biggest fan of them on first impression, they slowly inched their way into my personal training arsenal. As ballistic movement became more relevant in functional training, so did the Kettlebell. Even when I wasn’t using the Kettlebell, it was still impacting my functional training immensely. The Kettlebell swing was actually the inspiration of the Pendulum Squat, which is what led to a whole bunch of other fun stuff for me to discover. Now that I understand this tool better, I have learned that its structure offers fundamental elements that no other piece of equipment can. If you’re looking for function in your own Personal training, the Kettlebell is a must have.

Here’s a video of 3 exercises I regularly use in my training. If you try them, make sure you go very light in weight. The movements are more complex than tradition Kettlebell exercises, so it is best to understand the movement first before applying more load. Enjoy!!!