A personal message to the fitness industry,

I know there are many upset with the recent jump of success coming to FP, but bare with me. I’m not your enemy, nor do I want enemies. But with the nature of how business works when your interest goes against the financial benefit of an established entity, conflict is inevitable.

If an opinion didn’t hurt a person’s pocket book, there would be no problem with the opinion. I can’t stop this no matter what route I take in life because I effect the bank accounts of the big wigs in this industry. If you smile at someone while you’re stomping on their toes, it really makes no difference.

Conflicting someone’s interest in this life never feels good and no kindness in your dialogue or presentation is going to make that feel better. This dilemma is part of how our culture is intrinsically wired to work. My goal from the jump has not been to play this game, but more so to flat out just do what I like to do: live life and evolve.

Living life to me is a process of constantly changing and attacking your own insecurities. Most in the fitness industry seem not to travel down the path and this is possibly because they may not have researched the root of their own personal indoctrinations. Maybe there are pain associations or maybe they do truly have life’s mysteries figured out. One this is for sure, the organisms that don’t change are the one’s who stand to be left behind.

I have spent the last 10 years of my life searching for these answers and seem to have learned a lot along the way. Truth is, I want to be a big happy tribe where we can all begin to start acting like humans with one another. But unfortunately, evolution in our current society never works this way…

It’s a depressing fact one must have to accept if one expects to move forward in this life. Fortunately, a new consciousness seems to be emerging in society and it is bringing hope that one day the concept of politics may actually be irrelevant.

Let’s get this bad boy started:

I’ve put up video after video like this describing what “FUNCTIONAL TRAINING” actually is. Just to further reiterate my position. When I say something is functional for human beings in terms of training, I’m speaking in reference to training a human relative to their biological characteristics. Kangaroos hop in a bilateral stance on 2 feet. Dogs walk and run on 4 legs. Humans walk bipedally on two feet and do most of their functions in a unilateral position as a priority. A PRIORITY BECAUSE THIS IS WHAT HUMANS DO MOST IN NATURE. Over the course of millions of years it seems that humans have adapted these traits into their dna. FP training is an attempt at training for genetic traits found in all of us. Certainly there is a variance within the difference of people’s bone structures, but all things said, I don’t see people walking on all fours like a dog.

If a person really does care to understand the perspectives of which FP is coming from in terms of training theory, you will get some of it in certain textbooks (many of which I’ve never read). If you really want to understand FP, it has less to do with fitness in the traditional sense and more to do with behavioral science. This means if you are in the field of fitness, you are going to have to step away from the traditional and start learning other branches of science that appear to be unrelated to human health. The trends apparently seem to be moving in this direction. The main objective of FP is creating effective behavior. A behavior that is not impulsive. A behavior that reacts and associates tension efficiently under stressful scenarios. A behavior that promotes the health of a human body. You stupid EMG does not account for associative memory.

The question I propose is how do you achieve good health with your body if your brain is not neurologically conditioned to be healthy? Associative memory is fact in the behavior sciences. How can we be so certain that human behavior in relation to movement does not run on associative systems? Pavlov conducted thousands of hours of research to verify that association is the key element to the behavior of all humans. Behaviors that also orient the function of the neuromuscular system. He made these discoveries a century ago and apparently the lessons learned from these revealing discoveries have gone unnoticed by the scientific establishment. Fitness industry included. I believe there is a reason for this, but I will not go into that right now.

We can’t address 3d dimensional problems with a 2 dimensional perspective. I strongly feel that the industry of fitness has ignored fundamentally the most important aspect of human health: How the brain and body relate to their environment upon prior associative stress patterns. In order to make more well rounded calculations on what is happening in this world, we need to look at things from the perspective of integrating variables from all sciences, not just one.

Maybe this stuff is a bit over people’s head, but the point here is to plant seeds. Seeds that will grow effective behaviors in the long run. I know it’s easy to prioritize our predominantly sexually driven impulses to want to impress other through our training, but at one point or the other we have to think that these shortsided visions of reality will inevitably have repercussions. There is a broader scheme to this as well and it’s not just about one fitness program being better than the other. IT’S ABOUT OUR SPECIES STILL BEING HERE IN 50 YEARS. If that doe not resonate right now, the neglect of addressing our behavioral dysfunctions will have to happen at one point or the other if we expect to survive.

To those concerned about our stand on the fitness industry, we are divorced from you. We don’t want your approval, nor do we need it. We are conducting our own research and developing our own “peers” and “peer reviewed” articles that will transcend your obsolete 2 dimensional perspective. We don’t want debates with people that do not understand our foundations, nor do we need to have them. The results we get are what bring people here. As much as you want to fight us, the results you don’t provide humans with (in terms of health) will lead them our way. Good luck destroying human bodies. We’ll be here to address the deficiencies you wired into them.


A disgruntled chimp