Abdominal Training Exercises – Barbell Rotational Core Workout

Abdominal Training Exercises – Barbell Rotational Core Workout
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Here’s an advanced core workout progression training rotation and contralateral movement. If you are looking to improve the performance of your running, throwing, agility, balance, coordination along with pretty much everything else that encompasses human biomechanical efficiency, the end progression for training should lead you towards the mastery of contralateral movement. With so many fitness programs oriented around olympic lifting, it’s really a shame there is such little focus from the fitness industry on the priority that is bipedalism for human beings. Considering the complexity involved in the gait cycle, it is understandable why most people don’t take on the task of understanding it. I myself stumbled upon it from training boxing for the years that I did and found it to be essential for mastering the mechanics in my punches as well as the fighters I train. In this video I cover a very advanced progression in contralateral core training. This is not the core exercise for the beginner so it it advisable to work on your intrinsic core stability before instituting this technique into your program. If you’ve never heard anyone around you stress “intrinsic core stability”, I would recommend checking out my book “The Power of Posture” as it goes into great depth as to what core training really should look like at its foundation.

TRAIN intentionally, not habitually,