Happy Monday everyone!!!

Here is a little functional core routine to help you get your week started! To work the core in a functional manner we must integrate the upper and lower body together and utilize the core as the harmonizer between both systems. In this video, I use a Kettlebell and a Cable Machine to get the abdominals kicking into high gear with the rest of the body.

1.) Kettlebell Pyramids- A transverse plane exercise that is great for rhymthmic explosion as well as dynamic flexibility.

2.) Downward Cable Chop- This exercise provides the exact opposite resistance as the one prior. It is also a transverse plane exercise that hits the obliques to a very high regard.

3.) Jump Squat Press- In this exercise we encompass vertical explosiveness with transverse resistance. This is another exercise that will hit the core effectively, but only under the context that we can maintain a neutral spine.