Good morning everyone!

I see so many training regimens in stagnation due to their one dimensional orientations.

It’s crucial to understand that movement in reality is 3 dimensional and that it encompasses multiple planes of motion at the same time.

If we want to apply functionality into our training regimens, adaptations to the nuances of a 3 dimensional reality must be addressed.

Here is an advanced kettlebell workout routine to help with your multi-plane ballistic movements. The specific exercise covered in this video targets all planes of motion in one stride. I do issue a fair warning to those of you out there who may have muscular imbalance. These exercises should only be done if you have properly progressed yourself intelligently with work centered around structural integration. If you are not able to use your entire body in an movement due to poor kinetic linking, it’s likely you will not perform these exercises to their full capacity.

If you are looking to correct the imbalances that prevent structural integration, it is highly recommended that you check out my “Human Foundations” video series. It covers everything you need to know to get your body firing on all of its cylinders.