Happy Friday to all!

Here is an advanced Medicine Ball workout, but with a slight twist… This medicine ball has a rope on it!

This type of Medicine Ball training is one of the most enjoyable types that I have in my training arsenal. It’s fantastic for developing good coordination within the entire body, while learning to relax the upper body. One of the most problematic issues people in westernized culture have with their bodies, is their lack of understanding the summation of forces when going into a functional movement involving their upper body.

Often times, people with sedentary jobs will tend to lead their upper body movements with the muscles around their shoulders and neck, rather than using the legs and core. If a person is advanced enough in their training, this rope medicine ball can really help build the mental connection needed to help build the connection within the entire body.

WARNING! These exercises are not for beginners and I only use them with my most advanced students. If you have not gotten into a structural integration regimen, I would strongly recommend checking out my “Human Foundations” video series as it directly covers the elements you need to start your training off on the right foot.