As I have gotten a better understand of the human body, I have learned that plyometric exercises might the most important of all types of movement to master. Plyometrics involve the exact ballistic setting you would find in your reality, which make them essential for any effective MMA training or functional training regimen.

With that said, plyometrics can also be some of the most dangerous of all movements if the proper neuro-muscular associations are not met correctly. If you have imbalance in your body already and try to do something functional, it’s going to be likely that your body will revert back to utilizing musculature that probably shouldn’t be working too much in the first place.

If you’re curious on how to set the foundations to move better in your plyometrics, be sure to check out my “Human Foundations” series of videos that will teach you the effective ways to get better functional recruitment of your body during movement.

Here is a video of me demonstrating one of the more crowd pleasing functional training exercises I have discovered in my personal training career. This is HIGHLY ADVANCED so be sure to not jump into an exercise like this, until you are absolutely ready for it. If you are ready for, be ready to get your butt kicked as there are tons of neurons firing at all times when doing this movement!