Advanced Multiplane Core and Total Body Workout


If your training does not replicate scenarios you would find in a dynamic 3 dimensional reality, it’s likely the benefit will have limitations. One of the most common elements lacking in functional training programs are multiplane exercises that revolve around the effective use of the Posterior and Anterior Oblique Slings. Although I have mentioned how influential the AOS and POS are in running and throwing, they also carry the greatest influence in achieving effective multiplane movement. These slings should be the ones developing kinetic energy through most movement, since they consist of the largest muscles on your body. Furthermore, the eccentric and concentric recruitment of muscle slings will automatically promote stability and flexibility in one shot.

Here’s an advanced core exercise that obliterates the Anterior and Posterior Oblique slings in one shot! Definitely one that you will not likely perform too well if you have muscular dysfunctions, so working on your Myofascial Release and Corrective Exercises will be a must prior to trying something like this out.

Train intentionally,
not habitually,