Advanced TRX and Swiss Ball Workout Routine


Here are a couple of advanced progressions you can do with a TRX and Swiss Ball. These are 2 tools that have withstood the test of time here at FP and the mixture of using them together lead to some interesting options in training.

If there is a commonality between the TRX and the Swiss ball, it’s that their design makes you optimize your symmetry through movement. “Center of Gravity” is a concept not covered too often in today’s functional training platforms, even though understanding your center is at the bedrock of being strong and mobile functionally. Knowing how to orient your center equates to how even you disperse the load on your body anytime you go through a functional movement. This applies to optimal running, throwing, kicking, punching, lifting objects, etc.

Moving without understanding your center is one of the most common reasons injuries are present in our world. If your muscles are not supporting your body because you are not connecting your entire kinetic chain through a movement, a ligament or smaller muscle will have to. Since most training employs lifting that does not test center of gravity (moving load vertical relative to your body), it leaves a huge void that will inevitably be exposed in life.

With the use of a tools like the TRX and Swiss Balls, everything involves testing your center of gravity. This is why you will typically feel your core give out on these tools most of the time. Quality movement starts from a balanced center, out. The movements in this video are advanced, but they will surely teach you how to orient your center if you expect to perform them at all.

As a reminder, if you have not done Myofascial Release or Corrective Exercise prior to attempting this TRX and Swiss Ball routine, it is recommended. A body without structural integrity will only act in inefficient compensation. That repeated over time will lead to some ugly things in regards to posture.

Train intentionally,
not habitually,