Happy Monday everyone!!!

Here is an Advanced TRX workout routine to start your week off right. This will only be for the die hard people who have been progressing themselves in their functional training regimens intelligently.

The 3 exercises in this TRX circuit:

Dive Bomber- Great for developing ballistic explosiveness out of the upper body and core. Be sure to do the steps in this exercise slowly before going all out on it.

Abdominal Extension- This exercise is great for static core stability. Be sure to have the hips positioned into a posterior position along with the thoracic spine in an extended position.

Abdominal Ripper to Knee Tuck- Maybe the most advanced exercise in this circuit. Make certain that neutral spine is in working order otherwise the lumbar could take a beating. If you have an anterior pelvic tilt, you may want to regress to something easier than this.

If this circuit seems too advanced for your ability, it is strongly recommended you check out my HUMAN FOUNDATIONS video series that will teach you everything you need to know for effective progress in functional training.