Since I have been in San Diego as a personal trainer, time after time again I have learned the importance of re-developing basic fundamental mechanics. I have found that addressing mechanical flaws only in the beginning of a personal training regimen can lead to old dysfunctions popping back up again. The re-establishment of these misalignments are usually the result of inconsistency on the client’s part, or the environment being so extreme that it overrides the extremity of the training program. Also, the body is more likely to revert back into what it had innately memorized prior to the implementation of a proper functional training regimen. By going back to the basics, you are ensuring that the body can override all the dysfunctional data your body is picking up from our imbalanced environment.

In this video, I run through a basic functional training program to get UFC fighter, Jeremy Stephens back on track towards efficiency once again. Enjoy! 🙂