Here is a video of me running Delvon Garret through a personal training session to help improve the functional dynamics of MMA. We have already been working on rehabbing an LCL and PCL tear for about 3 months.

During those 3 months, we have covered Myofascial Release and Integrated Corrective Exercise to bring the body out of a position of overcompensation. With Delvon, there were some major muscular imbalances that were the root cause of his knee injury, so our time has been primarily spent correcting an Anterior Pelvic Tilt, a rounded Thoracic Spine, protracted shoulders, a forward head, externally rotated hips, an asymmetrical weight shift, along with a few other things I have been experimenting with.

Everything seems to be healing quite nicely and the guy is really starting to show some functionality in his muscular structure. It’s really been nothing but a pleasure getting to work with Delvon. He has an obsession of wanting to get better and doing whatever it takes to get there. Good Times!