Instructional Workout Routines

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Basic Functional Training with UFC fighter Justin Lawrence

Good Morning!!! Here is a video of me covering some basic functional training techniques with UFC fighter Justin Lawrence at Alliance MMA training center. I've been having a blast working with their camp and they've taken on a very open perspective to the functional training concepts I apply into

Corrective Exercise w/ UFC fighters Myles Jury & Justin Lawrence

If there's a constant I have found since getting into the Mixed Martial Arts community here in San Diego, it's the correlation of injuries and its association to poor postural habits. Addressing the structural integrity of the human body is at the foundation of my craft as a Holistic

Advanced TRX Core Training Workout Routine

Happy Monday everyone!!! Here is an Advanced TRX workout routine to start your week off right. This will only be for the die hard people who have been progressing themselves in their functional training regimens intelligently. The 3 exercises in this TRX circuit: Dive Bomber- Great for developing ballistic

MMA Training- Injury prevention w/ UFC fighter Joey Beltran

Happy Thursday Everyone! Been extremely busy in the trenches lately, trying to further develop new knowledge and hone in more skills to help bring about more efficiency in a human body. I've spent a great deal of time at an amazing facility by the name of Alliance MMA. It's

MMA Training- Weight cutting w/ UFC fighter Jeremy Stephens

Hello Everyone! I have been in Minneapolis, Minnesota over the last few days helping UFC fighter Jeremy Stephens with his weight for an upcoming bout against Yves Edwards for the UFC on FX. This has easily been the best Jeremy Stephens I have seen in his entire career. He's

MMA Training Workout with UFC Fighter Reuben Duran

Here's a video of me putting MMA fighter Reuben Duran through a regimen for strength and condition/athletic efficiency. I have been focusing much of my attention to the details that orient efficient biomechanics when an athlete is fatigued. I have found it all to common to see the fighters