Instructional Workout Routines

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Functional MMA Training Workout with UFC Fighter Jeremy Stephens April 1st

As a personal trainer, applying the aspects of efficient biomechanics onto another person is one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish. A common problem I have found in watching people's wired dysfunctional movement patterns is the inability to produce force and movement horizontally and transversely. With Jeremy Stephens

Functional Training for Track and Field- working the basics in the Lab with Kai

As I have progressed as Holistic Movement Practitioner and Personal Trainer, it has become increasingly more important to keep my focal point on the basics. The same rules apply with all levels of personal training clients, professional and collegiate athletes included. In fact, the athlete is more inclined to

Fixing Lumbo-Pelvic Imbalance with Ian, we’re getting close! :^) (Video)

The last 2 months since opening Functional Patterns headquarters have easily been the best I have ever had in my personal training career in San Diego. Precision and attention to detail have been channeled to a point where now I'm feeling that this journey is only getting started. In

Correcting Anterior Pelvic Tilt and Asymmetry for Surfing with Ian (Video)

Here is a video of a personal training session focused on correcting and Anterior Pelvic Tilt and an Asymmetrical weight shift. As I have mentioned in the past, tight hip flexors (caused by sitting for extended periords) have been a commonality I have found often as a personal trainer.

3 MMA training cable machine exercises (Video)

Here are a few exercises I regularly use in my personal training and MMA training regimens. I use my Keiser Functional Trainer in this video for this circuit training workout, but these exercises can also be used with other types of pulley systems and resistance bands. Enjoy 🙂