Instructional Workout Routines

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MMA Training Workout with UFC fighter Jeremy Stephens Feb 29th (Video)

Here is the latest Functional MMA Training workout I had with Jeremy Stephens. Although his movements still need some work, I am beginning to see his body adapt to the biomechanical adjustments we are making. I can see that he is consciously able to mechanically understanding the difference between

Got lower back or hip pain? Here’s a Lumbo Pelvic Stretch

An asymmetrical weight shift is as common and problematic as any other imbalance I have encountered as a Personal Trainer. It is often responsible for knee, lower back, hip pain and foot problems, as it can compromise the body's capability of stabilizing itself laterally. Anytime the body is thrown

3 Intermediate Kettlebell Training Exercises

Kettlebells have fast become one the preferred exercise tools for my personal training. Although I wasn't the biggest fan of them on first impression, they slowly inched their way into my personal training arsenal. As ballistic movement became more relevant in functional training, so did the Kettlebell. Even when

Basic Functional Training with UFC fighter Jeremy Stephens

Since I have been in San Diego as a personal trainer, time after time again I have learned the importance of re-developing basic fundamental mechanics. I have found that addressing mechanical flaws only in the beginning of a personal training regimen can lead to old dysfunctions popping back up