Instructional Workout Routines

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Trigger point for the rotator cuff

Here is another technique I like to use with my clients if they have issues with their shoulder. The muscles you are usually going to mobilize with this release technique are going to be the Latissumus Dorsi, Teres Major, and the Teres Minor. The Theracane is a fantastic tool

How to do a basic Pendulum Squat

Pendulum Movements are a staple in my training system. Functionally adaptable movement encompasses efficiency, rhythm, grace, explosive power and center of gravity. When done correctly, Pendulum exercises improve all these dynamics. The Involvement of a Pendulum Swing during an exercise forces your body to adapt to momentum and horizontal

Rotator Cuff Exercises – Teres Minor Myofascial Release

The Teres Minor is a muscle I find to be very problematic once a person's posture is starting to improve. Since it is such a small muscle, flaring it up doesn't take much. It's usually when a person can't externally rotate their shoulder properly that these pains begin to

UFC fighter, Jeremy Stephens doing Athletic Efficiency Training day 1 (Video)

Had a great time today working with Jeremy Stephens! Over the last few months, we have primarily been working on his structural re-alignment and I have to say things are shaping up quite well. His posture in his upper and lower body have been nothing but progressive since we

Do you have rotator cuff pain? Here’s a trigger point for you!

Out of all the rotator cuff muscles responsible for shoulder pain, nothing is more influential than the Subscapularis. The Subscapularis is a short, powerful muscle located on the anterior end of the scapulae that internally rotates the arm at the shoulder. Usually, when it gets tight it can set

Two Medicine Ball exercises to build Hip/Core functionality with upper body strength!

Here are two exercises I use with clients when they start to turn the corner on their functional movement. When i start noticing good stability coming through the thoracic spine (mid-upper-back) and lumbo-pelvic region (lower back/hip), I usually throw these to exercises at them. They are great for the