Instructional Workout Routines

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Functional Patterns Certification Course in Munich, Germany

CONTACT IN MUNICH: [email protected] Website: Dates September 1st-6th 2014 We have confirmed another 1 week Functional Patterns Human Foundations Certification Course. This 1 week program will be addressing the root deficiencies found in humans today. We will be learning how to effectively recondition the body to run optimally

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Functional RMT Club Training – Exercise to Throw Without Shoulder Pain

PREORDER YOUR RMT CLUB HERE: Here's a video of me showing you an exercise with the RMT Club to help building efficiency in your throwing biomechanics. This exercise will give you the "whip" effect that builds velocity and control. At the same time this exercise will slowly teach

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Multiplane Ballistic Kettlebell Workout

For this weeks video tutorial I cover an advanced, yet functional workout with a kettlebell. In this kettlebell workout I show you how to function through movement in the frontal plane at the same time instituting transverse rotation. Most kettlebell training systems employ 2 dimensional exercises that don't give

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Abdominal Training Exercises – Barbell Rotational Core Workout

Here's an advanced core workout progression training rotation and contralateral movement. If you are looking to improve the performance of your running, throwing, agility, balance, coordination along with pretty much everything else that encompasses human biomechanical efficiency, the end progression for training should lead you towards the mastery of

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