Instructional Workout Routines

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Focus mitt training with Devo Donaldson

Happy Monday everyone! Thought I would showcase someone I've been working with over the course of the last few months. Devo Donaldson has been nothing but a pleasure to work with. From day one, he had a great grasp what I was doing since his origins were studying biology.

By |July 8th, 2013|boxing|1 Comment

The Truth About Bacon

Is bacon good for you? Who doesn’t like bacon? Like all foods, I always recommend eating in moderation. Do what works for you. Some may like eating bacon 3-4 times a week, where others may enjoy just eating it once a month. The main question, how do you feel

By |May 28th, 2013|Nutrition|0 Comments

Functional Patterns Brasil

Functional Patterns is coming to Brazil! Através deste vídeo comunicamos que Functional Patterns está oficialmente no Brasil. Se você esperava por isso podemos dizer ''Brasil é a bola da vez'', agora se você não esperava por isso ou não conhecia nosso trabalho devido ao inglês agora pode celebrar estamos

By |May 20th, 2013|Brasil, Functional Patterns|6 Comments

Is Red Meat Unhealthy?

Is Red Meat Bad? If you look on the internet, there is so much conflicting information on red meat, is it bad or good? There are tons of documents and research articles, stating that red meat can cause heart disease and cancers. My problem with those specific studies is

By |May 15th, 2013|Nutrition|1 Comment

Workout Videos- Bosu Ball Core Exercises

Workout Videos- Bosu Ball Core Exercises Happy Monday everyone!!! The Bosu Ball is one of my favorite pieces of equipment to use in my functional training regimen. Asymmetries are often found in people in our culture as a result of there being a weak core stabilization system. The Bosu

By |April 29th, 2013|Bosu Ball|0 Comments