Boxing session with client along with some Cable-bar work!

Boxing session with client along with some Cable-bar work!
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Date: 4/12/2011
Location: San Diego, CA
Service: Boxing and Personal Training

I have been finding that boxing happens to be one of the best ways to train people how to use their fast twitch muscle fibers. Boxing is not the traditional type of cardiovascular exercise, it incorporates fast twitch muscle fiber use at the same time as elevating your pulse. It’s a more Functionally applicable to reality. Most Cardiovascular exercises are done on bike, ellipticals, treadmills and they offer very little fast twitch muscle activation. In fact, they actually decondition your fast twitch muscle systems (the muscles that help maintain your metabolism and strength). Beyond all this, boxing happens to be a much more enjoyable form of exercise that actually challenges your thought patterns as well as your center of gravity.

Cable Bar Technique
Of all the years I have been working as a personal trainer, I can’t think of any other exercise system that challenges the nervous system like the Cable-bar. This is a staple in any Functional Patterns regimen. This piece of equipment makes you have to have great mechanics in order to complete an exercise. There’s not a muscle in your entire body that doesn’t engage while using the cable bar. In this video I was teaching my client how to master the transverse plane (rotational movement). With the mastery of this plane of motion, her boxing, biking and overall functional fitness will undoubtedly improve. It’s not always the easiest method to teach, but she picked it up pretty quickly. Needless to say, she found it to be a very intriguing way of exercise and is excited about using it in the future. Great job Gabrielle!!!