Boxing is one of the most functional aspects of training I have in my exercise arsenal.

It embodies explosiveness, center of gravity, core function, lower body function, upper body function, along with many other beneficial traits that apply to everyday situations. My favorite aspect about boxing is that it trains applied transverse plane dynamics into a dynamic environment. One of the hardest things to do is teach the transverse plane. Focus mitt boxing training is maybe the most interactive way of learning that vital plane of motion.

Here is a boxing workout video of me working with my client Vasily.

A major setback we had when trying to get him to box was that he had two herniations in his lumbar vertebrae. After taking some time to implement techniques to address some structural issues leading to lower back pain, we were able to start doing some work on the mitts. For us to do mitts in this session, we had to be very cognizant of posture and movement so that we didn’t regress in our functional muscular development. From the looks of it all, Vasily seems to be right on track to working out pain free and I’m pleased with the progress so far!