Had an awesome time in Cabo San Lucas running a summer seminar with the Authentic Human staff. There were people that came from all over the world to come and learn how to live a Holistic lifestyle.

In this seminar, we covered myofascial release, breathing, posture, corrective exercise, nutritional therapy, holistic nutrition, healthy and delicious cooking, muscle testing, training philosophy (along with other philosphy ;)), along with several other topics. The greatest part out of this entire trip was the constant flowing cycle of information happening and that it never seemed overbearing to anyone in the house.

Much of it was also do to the fact that there was next to zero stress at the Villa Sombrero. When you have limited stress in the environment, it neurologically leaves the ultimate opportunity to absorb new information. I cannot wait to do more of these seminars in the future!!!

Here’s a video of me running a personal training session in Cabo with one of my students, Jose. Jose and his Wife Noelia came all the way from Madrid, Spain to come have a better understanding of their own body and how it relates to nature, and what sponges for knowledge they were. What a pleasure it was to get to work with them, and I got to practice my Spanish too! Great job Jose!