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Out of every piece of equipment I use, the cablebar is easily the most effective tool I use in my training arsenal. I primarily use the cablebar as my tool of choice for the true mastery of the Transverse Plane of motion. The most avoided of all planes of motion in the fitness industry is the Transverse Plane, due to the complexity and meticulousness it takes to nail it right. The Transverse Plane applies to almost every activity or sport. When we run, we are rotating transversely. When we throw we rotate transversely. When we change directions we rotate transversely. The majority of all that makes us human, at-least in terms of movement, is directly linked to this magnificent plane of motion. It’s usually the athletes that have it mastered that end up becoming world champions. There is no tool out there that can apply the transverse plane better than the Cablebar or TRX Rip Trainer. The ability to involve a push and a pull through that specific plane of motion allows for the functional engagement of the upper body, along with the core and legs simultaneously, furthermore making the Cablebar/Rip Trainer the most complete exercise system out there.

In this video, I will give you the step by step process needed to master this piece of equipment, from the basics to the complex. Once the basics of Transverse Plane Movement have been mastered, Multiplane Ballistic Movements can offer the next progression needed to satiate your thirst to bust those plateaus. In this Video, I not only show you how to master the Transverse Plane of Motion, but I also explain the next progression you will need to kick your training up to its true functional and ballistic capabilities.

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Video length- 54:05



  1. Kemo Marriott April 10, 2012 at 7:17 am - Reply

    Awesome video man. Watched this whilst going through my MFR regimen this morning- Lumbo Pelvic Hip Corrections! Very well explained and stimulating content. Timed perfectly with the arrival of the TRX Rip Trainer I just bought! Looking forward to beginning this once imbalances are corrected of course 🙂 Keep it going man, looking forward to learning much more

  2. daniel April 10, 2012 at 1:10 pm - Reply

    I agree about everything that these tools (cable bar and trx rip tr) are among the most preferrable tools in work in that plane of motion. As a PT I already use it a lot with my customers, as well as in my own workouts. The trx’s solution has three levels of elastics, that can all be used single or in combinations to adjust resistance. also, elastics give you more resistance in the end of many movements, a key-point to hit in many dys-functional muscle chains (remember that the leverarm often changes during a movement). Trx is also light weighted for easy and quick use.
    As always, Naudi, you serve us a splendid video, and good fun! Respect you for that, I know you spend a lot of time to direct all those shots. I also have some stuff – maybe we can share ideas…? 🙂

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