Core Training Exercises with the Keiser

Happy Monday everyone!!

For this weeks video tutorial, I decided to put up some of my favorite core training exercises with the Keiser Functional Trainer.

The Keiser is THE best piece of fitness equipment money can buy for core training. Specifically speaking, it is the best for training the transverse plane of motion. The Keiser provides the exact resistance a person needs to develop the rotational dynamics needed for effective core training. Since the load comes completely loaded horizontally, it leaves a nourishing environment for the obliques systems within the core to adapt to.

Be sure to implement the proper prehabilitation techniques into your core training regimens before attempting these types of exercises. If we do not have effective intrinsic core stability set in place prior towards doing these exercises, it is likely the core will not recruit from its foundation and injury might occur.

Train intentionally, not habitually,