Correcting Anterior Pelvic Tilt and Asymmetry for Surfing with Ian (Video)

Here is a video of a personal training session focused on correcting and Anterior Pelvic Tilt and an Asymmetrical weight shift. As I have mentioned in the past, tight hip flexors (caused by sitting for extended periords) have been a commonality I have found often as a personal trainer. Another problem I have been focusing on in the last few months are asymmetries that seem to be linked to right or left hand dominance. My client Ian is a right hand dominant fast twitch muscle fiber type, who surfs on a regular basis, and it has led him to become very dominant rotating his body to his left side. This is what I feel has been creating his Asymmetry making him dominant with his left leg. As a result, pain has been associated with these imbalances.

This is only the foundation to the fun stuff that we’ll be doing in about 6 weeks. This is going to be awesome!!!

In this video, I cover an extreme systematic approach to correcting these imbalances. Enjoy 🙂



  1. Kemo Marriott March 16, 2012 at 2:59 pm - Reply

    Another great video Naudi! This one has particularly sparked my interest because I’ve been discovering that a few of my clients as well as myself have asymmetrical weight shift.
    There were some positions you placed Ian in, where he looked unstable- obviously down to the asymmetrical weight shift. It got me thinking that sometimes when i’m in certain positions, I’m very unstable, particularly in the feet. If Ian is lacking foot stability- for example, i’m assuming Ian stands with his left foot forward, so being dominant rotating to the left may cause his right foot to pronate and adduct more, are there measures that we can take by focussing on the foot, or do we work further up the body to correct foot dysfunction. Would his right glute medius be overactive as a result of his activities?
    The standing glute bridge looks interesting, why is this used in place of the lying glute bridge? Also what is the significance of his being a fast twitch muscle fibre type? Is it because certain muscles are likely to become more dominant as they have higher growth potential and so imbalances may be more aggressive than if he were a slow oxidative type?
    Thanks Naudi,


    • Naudi March 17, 2012 at 12:28 pm - Reply

      Good questions!

      In my personal experience correcting flat/pronated feet I have found that it is directly tied in with improper engagement of the anterior oblique system. It is when the external/internal obliques can’t shorten with the adductors that leads to external rotation in the hips/legs. After external hip rotation is wired, it makes it close to impossible to not have flat feet eventually.

      Standing glute bridge?

      I used to use a prone bridge in every session I had with my clients. Problem was that I knew there was something wrong with it because it was promoting an isometric shortened contraction of the hamstrings at the same time as the gluteus maximus. If you look at running for example, the hamstings concentrically operate on extension along with the glutes, opposed to operating on knee flexion. I think in terms of use in reality when I think of a muscle properly contracting, so a prone glute bridge does not offer the full spectrum of that, standing bridge, for the most part does.

  2. Chris December 15, 2012 at 9:45 am - Reply

    Hi there, I believe I have a APT on my right side,syptoms are discomfort in groin,glute when walking,thigh sometimes knee,general feeling of stiffness in lower back.lifting knee up bent causes discomfort in upper hip and at the very end phase of lowering.allso my main concern is discomfort in groin bending over,but if I squat and lunge that feels normal.
    I have a routine which is about stretching these areas,hip flexors and glute then getting the glutes to fire up,core work,lower Abbs, and obliques. After stretching it feels as though im making it worse at times as I start to feel discomfort when standing soon after.
    Allso I base my fitness around body pump and attack classes,when doing these I feel ok so I never no wether to continue with this or stop completely Same with running.
    So I’m a bit lost with what to do with my APT and I feel that I will never get rid of it.pls help

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