Here is a video of a personal training session focused on correcting and Anterior Pelvic Tilt and an Asymmetrical weight shift. As I have mentioned in the past, tight hip flexors (caused by sitting for extended periords) have been a commonality I have found often as a personal trainer. Another problem I have been focusing on in the last few months are asymmetries that seem to be linked to right or left hand dominance. My client Ian is a right hand dominant fast twitch muscle fiber type, who surfs on a regular basis, and it has led him to become very dominant rotating his body to his left side. This is what I feel has been creating his Asymmetry making him dominant with his left leg. As a result, pain has been associated with these imbalances.

This is only the foundation to the fun stuff that we’ll be doing in about 6 weeks. This is going to be awesome!!!

In this video, I cover an extreme systematic approach to correcting these imbalances. Enjoy 🙂