As natural and primal as running is, you would figure that injury wouldn’t be so common while doing this physical action, but this problem has become all too common among running enthusiasts. The issue mainly lies in the reality that we do dysfunctional movements (or lack thereof) and then try to go out and do something functional, like running. As I have mentioned before, sitting in a chair for hours can be a major dysfunction that leads us to injury. If a person sits all day and repeats that process for many years, the body will internalize the neuro-patterns of flexed hips, extended lumbar vertebrae, flexed thoracic vertebrae, flexed and protracted cervicals as well as many other issues that happen while sitting. This will lead to a overcompensation happening from small, weak muscle tissues that are not meant for major movements.

In this video I teach you how to release a muscle that is often coupled with knee pain and injury. I will remind you that this one release is not enough to correct knee pain permanently, and that you should watch the other videos I have put up on how to correct your muscular dysfunctions. All systems in the body are connected, if you leave out 1 part you leave out the whole part!!!