DOTW – Crossfit: The Destruction of Human Biomechanics

Hello and welcome to the latest instillation of “The Dogma of the Week.” The topic of this week will be covering the damaging effects of Crossfit on human biomechanics. As many know of me already, I’m strongly against the training methodology that is Crossfit. It is completely dysfunctional and has no purpose being in anyway involved with the general population that does not care for competition. I do realize that people call Crossfit a sport, however I tend to accept that as more of an excuse considering the origins of it being something that “forges elite fitness.”

Considering my time being a major constraint from several different projects occupying my time, I’ll keep it short in terms of writing.

My explanation for why Crossfit is destructive to human movement:

It does not stress the institution of contralateral or transverse movement into it’s blueprint. Although to most it doesn’t seem like it’s all that important, I have found it to be the ultimate of all ultimates in developing strength on all platforms as well as preventing future injuries. It is this type of movement (walking, running, throwing) humans have done in the last few million years. I know it’s hard to wrap our heads around it, because 7 years ago I would have called myself crazy, but if we really think about it the math just seems to make a whole lot of sense. Anyway, gotta get going.

Live intentionally, not habitually,