The Dogma of the Week – The Conflict of Interest in the Fitness Industry

This week I discuss the conflict of interest found in the fitness industry. I have found it to be common for fitness enthusiasts to get raging mad whenever you question the validity of how they exercise. The fury I would receive on Facebook when I would question a deadlift sounded damn near psychotic to say the least. After all, we are really just discussing whether lifting mass off the ground in a certain way is better than moving it in another way. No big deal. The underlying meaning behind this aggression by a deadlifter being questioned goes much deeper than just moving mass around. If a deadlifter makes money as a professional preaching (almost in a religious fashion) that the deadlift is the holy grail of exercise, it is quite likely they will be infuriated by the thought of someone questioning them. That questioning effects their pocketbook. We have to understand that in our culture, to be considered wrong is not a good thing. Wrongness is usually accompanied by incompetence in our culture. The difference between one maintaining their reputation can often times be the difference between being seen as “right” or “wrong”. Business wise in fitness, people think that they have to be right no matter what so that their reputation can stay afloat, leaving the reputation as a “specialist” so that people will continue to buy their product or service. The danger in this mentality is that if you are always “right”, there is not need to learn anything new, hence the main issue I have with the fitness/wellness establishment.

Above there is a video where I break a few more points down about this topic. This blogpost only scrapes the surface of what is actually happening in the wellness establishment and I am going to continuously going to keep peeling layers in the coming months.

Think inentionally, not habitually,