For this week’s exercise tutorial, I decided to put up something for the advanced fitness enthusiasts. In the video above, I cover a great total body MMA training style circuit with a sledgehammer and Tire. In the method I employ, I like to utilize perpetual motion as a guide to measure one’s own efficiency during a movement. With this training circuit there is going to be a natural biorhythm found when the exercises are done correctly. For the majority of people I have seen using the sledgehammer and tire, rhythm is something not found in their application and usually that will lead to overcompensation affecting proper kinetic linking. Often times the regions of compensations will be found in the upper body (shoulder, neck, etc.). This will usually render these types of exercises to be more damaging to the body than beneficial. However, if we focus on the rhythmic associations during these exercises, this circuit will be extremely beneficial in developing explosiveness, center of gravity, and endurance. Movement in reality is a flow, the movements when you exercise should be the same.

As I always mention with advanced movement, please do not try these exercises unless you have properly conditioned your intrinsic core stabilization system first. A body disintegrated at its nucleus will likely see little benefit from inefficient movement patterns.

Train intentionally, not habitually.



Hey guys. This is Naudi Agular and for today’s video tutorial, I’m going to be taking you through a sledgehammer and tire workout. This is going to be for the very, very advanced exercise enthusiasts. I would not recommend this for anybody who’s beginning. I’ve seen a lot of trainers out there who tend to want to progress their clients by utilizing the sledgehammer and they end up making a lot of errors bio-mechanically. If you are advanced and you have been focusing on your posture and all your intrinsic core musculature, this will definitely be a good little routine that you can throw to mix up into your program.

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To begin, we’re going to be starting from a standard stance here, in this position.

Then from there, what I’m going to have you guys doing is going to be rotating. You’re going to start developing a nice swing with the sledgehammer coming back and forth. The key point is we’re starting to try and to learn to develop centrifugal force as we’re in this position.

After we develop that centrifugal force, we go around and then slam.

I’m going to pivot on my toes and then slam coming downwards. The key point is, most of the time what I’ll see with people when they try using the sledgehammer … They’ll go here and try to muscle it down into the sagittal plane.

What I want to use instead is strength versus rotation to develop centrifugal force to bring the sledgehammer downwards. Almost imagine if you were grabbing a bottle of water and you were bringing it around really, really quickly and you’re trying to keep the water at the end of the bottle. Try keeping that centrifugal force as you’re going with it.

You come back, develop that centrifugal force, and slam. Try pivoting as you come over. Sometimes that can help. You’ll notice there’s not any wasted energy as I’m going through the movements. Be sure again, make everything fluent. You don’t want a rigid movement when we’re doing these exercises.

fter we’ve progressed that, what I’m then going to take you guys into is the alternating one.

I’ll give you guys more of a sagittal plane view, which means I’m going to be going from here, slamming, stepping over, slamming, stepping over. What I’m going to do again, is working on that centrifugal force.

We generate that force coming outward and away from you. From there, slam downward as the sledgehammer comes downward, we step to the side and then you slam.

This is what the pattern is going to look like. My feet are going to alternate back and forth as I go from here to here. We’re going to make a box as we’re going with each one of them. Once I get the movement down, I develop the swing, and I’m just throwing from there. Notice that the entire movement is fluent. As the sledgehammer comes downward is when I go to the other side. This is very advanced. Do not try this if you’re not prepared for it.

Now I’m going to take you guys through another exercise and it’s also extremely advanced. It’s going to require a lot of flexibility; specifically, your being able to get into a deep squat.

What we’re going to do is the Donkey Kong, jumping onto the tire, doing about a 180 turn, falling back dropping into a Donkey Kong, but you’ll notice there is perpetual movement and rhythm going through the movement and it never stops.

This is what it will look like. I’m going to roll back in this position. I’m going to come to my deep squat position then jump up on the tire. I’ll roll back, jump on the tires. I land. From there, I’m going to turn, land over here, fall back, and rhythmically move from there.

Once I come back, I want to turn the other way to ensure that we’re training both parts of rotation. I will remind you that when you’re doing the rolls, you want your spine to round slightly. It’s one of the few times I’ll tell you to round your spine. You’re going to round. Then, you back into neutral as you jump, and there’s a little tire and sledgehammer workout for you.

Now, I’m going to take it for you in real time. That was a tough one. I hope you guys thoroughly enjoyed that. If you want to do this circuit or in a circuit, the most I would recommend is going through that about three times. If you are getting good, proper biomechanical execution, that’s as about as much as you should do.

You’re looking at about 10 to 15 minutes of exercise in terms of doing that and that should be all that you need.

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This is Naudi Agular reminding you to train intentionally and not habitually. You guys take care.