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In this video, FP founder Naudi Aguilar breaks down a technique to help correct knee valgus or internal femur rotation.

The typical way of addressing this dyfunction is usually done via some sort of squat or banded external rotation.

The problem with “Duck walks” and similar exercises is that they isolate abduction at the hip and knee.

Ultimately to undo torsion at the knee joint whether it be knee valgus or varus, there needs to be an integration of the anterior and posterior oblique slings.

Hey guys. This is Naudi Aguilar at Functional Patterns, and today I’m gonna show you guys another feedback mechanism to help you address yet another really common dysfunction.

Today, we’re gonna focus on knee valgus. In case you don’t know what knee valgus is, I’ve shared it on many other videos before. I’ve put it on all sorts of posts on Instagram and Facebook. It really just describes your knees kinda caving in in this fashion, and what I’m simply gonna do today is teach you guys of an active way to get rid of that specific dysfunction. (Fix Knee Valgus: How To Fix Knee Valgus)

No, it’s not gonna be me, taking bands and putting ’em around my knees. I’m not doing that stuff and having you guys do that. That’s kind of arbitrary. That’s not going deep enough into the problem. I mean to go deep enough into this problem means that you have to connect every muscle in your body from your masseters to your scalenes. It’s complicated.

So I’m gonna show you guys a very good way to start off in the process of addressing this problem. Again, often times you tend to find people that are saying I’m going to say to you, Okay, I’m gonna address my knee valgus, so what will I do. I’m going to address my uppermost abductor that’s pulling my femur inward, and that’s gonna eventually lead me towards correcting this dysfunction magically apparently. Because you know, mild fast relief does not re-pattern tissues. All it does it help release supposed adhesions in muscles that then eventually will enable you to hopefully begin to engage muscles better. So mild fast relief is very useful but it does not actually retrain muscles. It doesn’t do that. There needs to be a proper active component.

Now if you’re going to try to address the knee valgus by doing the abductions, you’re kinda missing the point. We have an allusion of thinking that, and I’ve been mistaken of this too, I’ve had this illusion of thinking that the legs actually flex and extend and that arms flex and extend, but it’s an illusion. (Fix Knee Valgus: How To Fix Knee Valgus)

Actually, the entire body operates like a vortex the entire time. It’s a constantly moving vortex, and every thing is operating in a rotation. We can only just perceive certain aspects of it with our eyes, but most of everything that we do is a rotation. The femurs, the tibias, the pelvis, the rib cage the spine, most of what we end up doing in terms of performing proper functions, not all, but most, orients around some kind of a rotation which is fundamentally what I’m going to be focusing on with you guys today.

So very simply, we’re gonna use this band once again. I’m gonna perform a passive internal rotation of the femur, which is typically accompanied with the knee valgus. Any time that your knees dip in this way, you’re usually going to end up noticing, usually, not always, but you will usually notice an internal rotation of the femur. Every once in a while you will find these freakazoids that have severe, severe problems, that do not align with these rules. They’ll have a knee valgus with somehow an external rotation of the femur. It’s very strange. I’ve found it in very few cases, but most of the time you are going to see this problem, this internal rotation. (Fix Knee Valgus: How To Fix Knee Valgus)

So what am I gonna do? I’m gonna put this band right here on my right leg, I’m going to put this right here, on the front side of my hip. Ones gonna go just above my pubic bone. This one’s gonna go around my groin area, my groin region, and what I’m going to do is just begin to wrap this band all the way around. All the way from the mid thigh or femur region I guess, all the way to spot, and if you guys are wondering why I got all these cuts in my legs I’ve been getting down to nature a lot and I’ve been acting like a monkey. So, yeah. Just forewarning you of that, that disasters are on my feet right now because I’ve been running and walking around barefoot. Anyway.

You guys will notice that as I put that tightening there, my femur rotates in on it’s own with this band. So if I actively fight against that, what am I promoting? An external rotation of my femur, meaning that my glute max muscles are doing what? They are pulling this way to create this external rotation pattern. So let’s say, if I was going to run or teach myself to rotate my body, this would be a very, very useful engagement to employ with my external hip rotators, and this would help me address my knee valgus substantially. (Fix Knee Valgus: How To Fix Knee Valgus)

Again you can walk with this. If you notice that every time you land, like me, you land and you notice that your foot, your knee will slightly cave in. Mine is starting to disappear little by little thankfully, but you will notice that as you step, this may cave in. That’s how you really determine a knee valgus by the way, a squat is not probably the most ideal way to determine a knee valgus, because all you have to tell somebody to do is just rotate their femurs out while they do a squat and then the knee valgus supposedly disappears. But when they walk, guess what they always do? Boom. So if you’re gonna try and determine what a knee valgus actually is, it needs to be done in a dynamic context.

So as I step, if my knee caves in, like so, right here on my knee as I step, then that’s determining the knee valgus. So this would be a very effective way to train yourself that when you land with your foot on the ground, you land in that slight external rotation, relative to the internal rotation that you’re operating from on a regular basis. (Fix Knee Valgus: How To Fix Knee Valgus)

I know that’s probably a lotta jargon for many of you that are out there, you’re like, what the hell’s this guy talking about? Just look at what I’m doing and then just copy it. Just think, you put the band around like this, and you bring it all the way over like so, and voila! You have an active engagement of your external rotators and you get to use that dynamically while you exercise. Pretty sweet stuff.

I hope you guys enjoyed that. Be on the lookout for more videos in the future. This is Naudi Aguilar, reminding you to train intentionally and not habitually.

Take care.

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