Why is Crossfit Spreading? Plain and simple, just like most other profit oriented enterprises, Crossfit caters to the demands from the public. Smart business strategy, not so smart people strategy. Especially when we consider how little the general population knows about their biological mechanisms. Biological sustainability is not in any way even murmured in The bar in the fitness industry continues to be lowered time after time again and it is up to each and every individual (Crossfit coaches included) to not cater to what people want in the field of health, but moreso to cater to their needs. This is whether it makes business sense or not. At Functional Patterns, giving people what they need takes PRIORITY even if it means losing money. Fortunately, there is a global consciousness emerging now understanding the relevance of sustaWe are here to raise the bar so that people demand what is needed, not what is wanted. Within time, the adherence to this value system will create an industry of people demanding relevance, not the illusions advertising pushes down our throats on a daily basis. It all starts with a choice towards making sustainability a priority in regards to our health.

Live intentionally,
not habitually,