FP Culture – Ethics in the Fitness Industry? Part 1

As of late, we at functional patterns have been calling out inherent flaws in the fitness industry and in society as a whole. A few have deemed what we have been doing as “unethical” because we are not allowing people to do as they want. As a response, stating an opinion does not prevent anyone from being able to do what they want in this world. We at FP culture decided to put something together to address those concerned with us revealing our valid, yet never debated viewpoints on an industry that has been cutting corners in every way. Hope you guys enjoy as this is by far our best FP culture discussion so far!



  1. scott mccray August 13, 2014 at 10:01 am - Reply

    hi guys

    thought the conversation was timely and important. a couple things. first I am a fitness professional in Los Angeles and I aspire to all the forward thinking aspects you discussed . secondly .. this is a process a journey so to speak for many .. posture is getting more and more play which it never got even a year ago in a soul cycle or spinning class .. that’s because of a couple things. injuries from poor posture and just plain discomfort that comes from being in a kyphotic thoracic spine and overly extended cervical .. I think ethics will evolve for the people who truly care as we do about longevity .. some are clearly in it for short term fad oriented training but a clients well being was never in the equation anyway.. I think as you do that we keep doing our work and getting the results we do .. they will come. .. and if they continue to spin and cross fit and Zumba hopefully they will take some of the concepts they learn and start to incorporate them .. the fitness professional obviously needs to instill in his or her own work first .. that to me is the biggest frustration .. when a trainer can’t move well we have a problem. your cert courses will continue to grow and your students who will ultimately become teachers will carry the torch .. there in nothing I like more than doing functional movements Ina gym and have someone come over and say can you show me what you are doing .. and the evolution begins.

  2. Randy August 13, 2014 at 10:29 am - Reply

    I agree with your takes on the shortcomings in the CrossFit industry. I am trainer who prides himself on a systematic approach to movement patters and I have faced some of the same obstacles you speak of in this video. I am curious to know your take on kelly starrett and his work within CrossFit?

  3. eugene August 14, 2014 at 9:12 am - Reply

    Good morning,
    I’ll be very brief. I have just become aware of functional patterns work, I am a fitness professional have been for quite some time, and with out getting into what I do ( I am aware of what I do and can support why I do what I do ) I am interested in WHAT FUNCTIONAL PATTERNS is about. it is very interesting for me to HEAR …functional movement, fitness business ethics, quality of life ,yada yada… BUT when I look at this very page I see videos and movements that I have to ask who are they for? as well as ads for your literature…. I am NOT disagreeing with you, but you and I both know that some how some way there is going to be a talk about money and that’s ok… my question is who is your audience, and why are they your audience… to be continued

    • Naudi August 14, 2014 at 1:02 pm - Reply

      This is where you putting in your time to understand will have to come in. I have put up about 30-40 thousand hours of time putting Functional Patterns together. All you have to do to get the result of that is put in maybe .001 percent of the time I put in to make this thing happen. I have books and material I have put together myself, as well as several books I recommend. In short, my audience is every single homo sapien on planet earth. That’s likely what you’ll learn. The validity of it will be measured by how much you research what I discuss. Fortunately you have google and that will aid you in the process towards understanding FP a little better. I appreciate your interests.



  4. Tony Sablan August 16, 2014 at 11:25 am - Reply

    Can you please tell me when, where and the cost of the certification program in
    Munich, Germany?

    Thanks! Ciao, Tony Sablan

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