“Functional Training” is a term thrown everywhere in the fitness industry. With the majority of fitness professionals promoting Olympic Lifting and Gymnastics as “functional training”, it seems the industry as a whole has been a bit misguided. Analyzing the “science” the majority group in the fitness industry have put forth to validate that these types of training platforms, it has become obvious to anyone with enough education that they have neglected so many variables that apply to all human beings on this planet. Specifically when we bring up the context of human biology influencing a person’s training goals. The fact is, to deem something as Functional Training, there has to be a basepoint in which people can all agree upon. We are humans. We prioritize the improvement of certain functions with the way our musculoskeletal system adapted over the course of millions of years. In short, the answer is very simple. Train for your biology. Not your ego. Then again, this is if the end goal is living longer and stronger for an entire lifetime.

We at Functional Patterns use the term “Functional Training” confidently because we have objectified the term for all humans, regardless of cultural and emotional bias, regardless of whether someone wants to show off pictures of themselves doing handstands on instagram. In a world so oriented by politicians in the fitness industry afraid to rock the boat, it is quite common to see modifications of their values to fit the wants of the general population. This is even though biology operates within the context of NEEDS, not WANTS. The problem is that WHAT IS WANTED TODAY DOES NOT MIX WELL WITH WHAT IS NEEDED. In this video, the FP culture crew take an in depth approach at addressing maybe the biggest problem in the fitness industry today. That problem being to define the term “Functional Training” once and for all.